Elastic wave sources


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Simultaneous shooting of such vibroseis sources grouped in a fleet of 3-5 units provides sufficient level of energy needed for achiving successful results of seismic surveys within the depths accessible for modern drilling equipment and even more.

Max Peak Force 

62.000 lbs

Frequency Range             1 ÷ 250  Hz
The ratio of the weight of the mass/base plate                3,01


IDM-108 - Electromagnetic Impulse Source 


This universal seismic source have been exclusively designed for transition zones.



Type of impact


Force output, kN


Impulse Length, ms < 3
Max. Discharge Voltage, V            1000
Power Consumption, kW  6
Power Supply Voltage, V  380
Length (excl. tow pole)  2,20
Width 3,00
Height (excl. racks)  1,00
Weight, kg  2350
Depth of immersion, m  0,3
Operating Temperature, deg. C   

-40… +60



«Yenisei KEM-4»

EM impulsive seismic wave source 

By the term «EM seismic sources» is meant non-explosive surface impulse source coupled with EM power drive that comprises one or more synchronously operating short-stroke electromagnets and stand-alone power system consisting of capacitive energy storage device and recharger.

            EM sources feature excellent generated seismic pulse performance and possess high reliability and safety values. As opposed to other techniques of seismic energy excitation, they stand out for ease of maintenance, the best price/quality ratio, low running costs.

Impulsive sources are used for: 

2D, 3D, 3C seismic surveys;

Vertical seismic profiling (VSP);

Micro-seismogram logging (up-hole survey);

Shallow surveys;

Engineering surveys.

One of the characteristic feature of the technology is its minimal environmental impact, since while employing impulsive sources only elastic ground distortion occurs that does not effect whatsoever ground’s failure. It means that impulsive sources may be used in the areas where other technologies are inapplicable.

Besides, due to their design concept the impulsive sources provide for possibility of prospecting in the most hard-to-reach locations and various surface environments, such as:

     arctic tundra

     mountain-taiga terrain


     lakes, rivers, transition zones

     on shallow-thickness ice of water bodies

     in residential, industrial and protected environmental areas

     in the areas of considerable low-velocity layer thickness or permafrost


The application of the impulsive sources makes it possible to:

- facilitate field works and reduce running costs;

- enhance safety while conducting exploration operations;

- conduct seismic surveys in varying surface and climate environments;

- exclude or substantially minimize impact on environment;

-          excite oscillations in cases where application of other techniques is prohibited or inefficient.

While shooting the sources are widely used in the exploration areas with varying geo-seismic conditions.

The wide model range of impulse sources provides the possibility of developing power extent from 16 to 1000 kN, which in its turn permits to use the sources for any type of seismic surveys.


«Yenisei» impulsive sources specifications

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«Geoton-15» EM pulsed seismic source

«Geoton-15» technical specification