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WirelessSEISMIC RT System 2 


•The only available today cableless seismic recording system providing   real-time data quality control.
•Combines all advantages of cabled and cableless systems.
•System compactability and reliability
•Operating in areas where cabled systems cannot be used
•Unit location automatic positioning mode
•Real-time layout parameters control and that of each field unit
•Real time data transmission or recording to the built-in memory (4 GB)
•Up to 22 days continuous battery operation
•Any external group of geophones connection
•Roughneckproof and sealed case (IP67)

MUSTER SERVICES LTD employs SCOUT wireless telemetric system in the capacity of commutation device (seismic recording system).

SCOUT is a wireless telemetric seismic recording system intended for executing the wide range of projects: engineering surveys (min. quantizing interval – 0.25 ms), survey of the upper part of profile, 2D projects, 3D projects with unlimited number of channels, 3C projects (operation using three-component sensors), 4D projects (oil&gasfield survey, monitoring while drilling). Due to the absence of cables and availability of wireless interfaces SCOUT makes it possible to arrange the flexible scheme of project implementation, spare financial assets by reducing logistics costs and expenses, enhance work performance.  






Major advantages of SCOUT wireless seismic recording system:

Unlimited number of channels

Automatic positioning on seismic line

Wireless data acceptance w/o retrieval of the field unit from seismic line

Real-time layout parameter control and that of each field unit

32 GB built-in memory

Up to 25 days of continuous operation due to the built-in battery

Operation in environments beyond the reach of cable networks

Connection for external geophone pattern of various configuration

Operation using three-component geophones (single- and three-channel version (setup) of field units)

Wireless power switch;

Tough hermetic housing (case)

Special built-in battery charging system

Possibility of combined layout using any cable networks

Continuous oil&gasfield monitoring.

Output SEG-D and SEG-Y file composition

Interconnection of external battery for off-line operation time increment

Module-type readout system via Ethernet (readout speed – up to 1 Gb/s)

LED indication of technical state of the field units

Operating temperature range - 40 through +70 °С;

Operation with explosive, impulsive and vibratory sources

High mobility system (light weight and small dimensions)

Automatic recorded data transmission from seismic line to the station upon entering station-mounted Wi-Fi access point coverage zone (distance – up to 1 km)

Operation within freak GPS range

Enhanced system reliability (exposure protection, including static-discharge protection)


                                   MUSTER Service LTD makes use of  GS-One pickup geophones designed by Geospace Technologies company to record elastic vibrations.   


The new GS-One, single-element geophone is designed in such a way as to be comparable in sensitivity with seismic geophones of 3 х 2 or 6 x 1 pattern, resulting in price, weight and compactness gain. It features low-distortion level, high “signal/noise" ratio and reliable quality signal. The sensitivity rate enhanced to more than 2 V/in/s turns this single-element unit into the hi-tech device fully compatible with the state-of-art 24-bit systems which are capable of recording extended amplitude range offered by this pick-up.


Base frequency (Fn)

10 Hz ± 3.5%


≤ 0.1%

Max. tilting angle as per distortions



85.8 V/m/s ± 3.5%


0.70  with 20 kOhm

Open-circuit attenuation

0.48 – 0.54

Direct-current resistance

1 800 Ohm ± 3.5%


≥ 240 Hz

Oscillating mass

14 g

Min. sensitive reel inter-peak shift

2.54 mm


30.2 mm


39.9 mm


130 g

Operating temperature range

- 40oC ~ +100oC


Pickup frequency response functions




Seismic dataset acquired from 6-geophone array and its frequency spectrum


Seismic dataset acquired from one GS-One geophone and its frequency spectrum


Comparison of seismic trace amplitudes. Blue line – data from 6-geophone array, red line – from one GS-One. Gate - 1500-2000 ms.